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Campo de Caso

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The magic of Caso

The council of Caso is part of the Redes Natural Park, a space of great environmental value declared for the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve in the year 2001.

The Casín territory has a large wooded area, represented by beech, chestnut, oak, birch, etc., grove that serves as shelter for animals as scarce as the Cantabrian grouse, the royal eagle, the medium peak, the brown bear, the Asturcón or the otter among others. The council has monuments of great interest such as the Collegiate Church of Santa Mª La Real (16th century), in Tanes; the Church of Santa Cruz La Real (16th-18th century), in Caleao or the Casa del Pandu (15th century), in Campo de Caso, as well as a small network of ethnographic museums dedicated to the Wood, the Madreña and the Beekeeping.



Asturias is a region rich in all kinds of activities in nature, you can go rafting, canyoning, canoeing or horse riding throughout the Asturian geography. +info.

It is worth highlighting its gastronomy, with local products that enjoy an environment for their unbeatable development. For example, the casina cow,Raised in semi-freedom, the well-known casin cheese is produced with her milk, and the meat of her calves is especially tender and tasty.

A place to eat with the family
A few meters from the houses of El Lleron is the Hostel "Camín de Redes", which mixes traditional recipes of the area with contemporary cuisine, all with local products and at a great price.

A romantic place to eat
Fuente La LLoba Restaurant, in Infiesto (30 kms). Because it is a particularly quiet place, children are not allowed, and the reservation must be made well in advance (for far-sighted travelers).

For more information about the council:
Centro de Interpretación P. N. de Redes, Tfno.: 985 608 022
Ayuntamiento de Caso, Tfno.: 985 608 002